We use a multi-therapeutic approach geared to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. We then continue working with you to help you stay well. Our approach is specific to your health concerns and can include any of the following;


Chiropractic Care

A private consultation, a thorough examination and an understandable report of our findings is just the beginning. Our doctors have all been trained i Read More
3d rendered anatomy illustration - painful back

Xray Facilities On-site

If you require xrays, we can take them at this clinic; no need to go elsewhere. All our doctors are trained to read xray films, allowing you to get an Read More

Registered Massage Therapy

Our experienced therapists are trained in a variety of effective muscle relaxing techniques, delivered in a safe, professional setting. Hands-on treat Read More


Acupuncture is a therapeutic method used to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities, reduce inflammation, and promote physical and emotio Read More

Physical Therapeutic Modalities

To complement and enhance the healing effects of chiropractic care we have the following therapeutic modalities on site, should you require them. No n Read More

Lumbar Traction/Distraction Table

This specialized equipment is ideal for treating people who have degenerating discs, arthritic joints or scoliosis in their lower backs. Read More

ART (Active Release Technique)

Our doctors have been certified to do this muscle technique which is particularly helpful in reducing scar tissue and adhesions in muscles. Read More

Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is a proven approach to treat soft-tissue injuries by isolating and releasing adhesions of the affected muscle to reduce pain an Read More

Specific Rehabilitative Exercise Prescription

Our doctors will recommend and teach special, specific exercises designed to strengthen and help correct your specific problems. These exercises can b Read More


Our doctors can use this specialized taping technique to re-enforce muscles and ligaments during healing. Read More

Lifestyle Advice

Our team is here to “coach” you on certain activities to do or avoid, so you can have the best healing response possible. Ergonomics, sleep postur Read More

Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Our doctors do a biomechanical and gait analysis and then create the imprints of your feet to be sent to the lab. You’ll then receive the most comfo Read More

Nutritional Advice

Our doctors can advise you in a number of nutritional concerns you may have. We can provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and he Read More

Workshops And Public Speaking Engagements

Our doctors are pleased and excited to give talks on a variety of different health topics. They do this in our clinic but can also come to your club, Read More